Top 5 Cities in Switzerland

By on Jan 06, 2014
Top 5 Cities in Switzerland

Europe has historic landmarks in spades—there is plenty to see for history, photography, art, and architecture nerds, as well as for those travellers who want to learn more about the country they are visiting through tangible means.

In a series of lists for the best European cities, we give you the best things to see and experience in Switzerland—a country best known for breathtaking ski resorts, exquisite chocolate and cheese, precision watches, and of course, airtight bank security.


Inarguably, Zurich is one of the most important financial hubs in the world, but there is still plenty to explore and experience in this city. Located in the shores of an eponymous lake, Zurich enjoys a magnificent view of the snow-topped Alps looming over the calm waters. Plus, there are over fifty museums, over a hundred art galleries, exciting shopping options, dynamic nightlife spots, and even outdoor sports such as hiking and sailing. The main attraction of Zurich lies not only with the diverse range of options and attractions in the city, but also with its convenience. Perfect for travellers of all sorts.


Nestled between Alpine slopes and the hills of Jura, Geneva is one of the most famous cities in the world, thanks to the city being home of the Red Cross headquarters and the European arm of the United Nations. The Capital of Peace is also home to a quaint old town that encapsulates the picturesque charm of Geneva, but there are also artistic and cultural attractions such as the Grand Theatre, the Opera House, and the Musee International de l’Horlogerie.


Travellers who had fallen in love with Lucerne claim that the city is the very essence of the country. Located in the heart of Switzerland, set against the gorgeous shores of Lake Lucerne and panoramic Alpine views, the city has its own old town, a car-free area that takes visitors back to a lovely fairy tale-like past. At the centre of this town, a well-preserved covered bridge made of wood still stands, complemented by historical houses with vibrant frescoes. Lucerne is like a time capsule—but do not doubt the city’s eagerness to embrace the modern. The Jean Nouvel-designed Culture and Convention Centre, a triumph in futuristic architecture, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.


Located in the Bernese Oberland region (famous for its family-friendly ski resorts), Interlaken is undoubtedly the adventure capital of the country, with almost 50 railways, cable cars, ski and chair lifts, gorgeous slopes, and hiking trails.


Located between the neighbouring countries of Germany and France, Basel is the artistic and cultural capital of Switzerland. The city has almost forty museums—the highest number in a single city in the country—including the Basel Art Museum, the Museum of Cultures, and the Fondation Beyeler. Basel has its own annual art festival, as well as art galleries, its own symphony orchestra and chamber orchestra, and the Fasnacht and Moregnstraich Festivals every year.

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