10 of the Scariest Bridges in the World

By on Jan 11, 2015

The ten bridges to be discussed in this article are truly mystifying. They will evoke many questions that you might possibly not get adequate answers to. It leaves question marks on the reasons why the bridges were constructed. You might also be tempted to ask whether there has been a single person using the bridges owing to their scary nature. Why were the bridges constructed?

The only positive thing to draw from these bridges is that they are good attractions for tourists which you should factor in your itinerary. It will feel good getting to these bridges and experiencing what many other people go through every day.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

This bridge is in Pakistan and features gaps on the planks and swings from one side to another. It is very scary especially for first time users and has been rated as one of the most traumatic suspension bridge globally. The most frightening thing about this bridge is that it passes over the Hunza River which flows rapidly. Tatters from an old bridge still hang on the new one which can cause panic to fainthearted people who get the feeling that it might collapse at any time.

Titlis Cliff Walk Bridge, Switzerland

This suspension bridge is found in Switzerland and ranks as the highest in the European continent at a height of 3,000 meters. This scary bridge began operating in 2013 but stands out as one of the safest bridges in the world. Its construction is unique in such a way that the bridge can withstand any type of storm or wind that blows thus there is a safety guarantee. The views of the landscape when atop this bridge are spectacular and it is the best place to see the best of this country’s attractions.

Sidu River Bridge, China

This stands at approximately 1,500 feet in the air and was the highest when it was constructed in 2009. The space between the bridge and the river is so high that a tower can be built beneath and it could still fit in well. You will find this scary bridge sitting at a river gorge in the Chinese province of Hubei. It is a good place to test your courage because the distance is very intimidating even to the most courageous.

Vitim River Bridge, Russia

As its name suggests, it is a place for victims because very few people have successfully crossed this bridge in Russia. Its icy status is what makes the bridge one of the scariest because this condition persists for long parts of the year. Cars can’t use this bridge because it is very narrow while pedestrians never feel safe because it lacks railings. If this is not scary to you then you must be super courageous.

Monkey Bridges, Vietnam

By look of its construction, you will be fooled to think that these bridges in Vietnam are for monkeys alone. They are constructed using a single log of bamboo plus a handrail making them extremely dangerous to walk along. Those who use them take up the posture of a monkey to avoid tripping up, and this is the reason of its name. The monkey bridges were constructed by locals and did not require any specialized skills. They show discrepancies from one town to another.

Quepos Bridge, Costa Rica

Many people in Costa Rica have christened this overpass as the “bridge of death” because it is more than just scary. It is rickety and narrow but you have no choice when going to visit Quepos as it’s the only available option. A walk on it gives the impression that it might be crumbling in the next minute. Interestingly, some of the vehicles using the bridge are heavy trucks that have never sunk.

Three Vine Bridges, Japan

You have to be scared when using these bridges because the wooden slats used to construct it are placed at about 12 inches apart. The bridge is located at Shikoku Island while single vines two in number offer support. There are hand rails and wires which have been used recently to offer additional reinforcement to the bridges but those have not made things much better. It remains a scary bridge for any person to walk along.

Captain William Moore Bridge, USA

You have to pray hard that an earthquake does not happen while you are on this bridge. This is because it passes through a fault that is active and can be very dangerous in times of a quake. It is not understandable why engineers who built the bridge only provided support to a single end, well aware that it can cause a disaster at any time. It is very scary and you will curse yourself in case anything bad happens whilst there. It sits along the South Klondike Highway with a length of 110 feet.

Cikurutug Bridge, Indonesia

Indonesia has this scary bridge serving the Argo Gede train. The whole trip takes around three hours to complete with very scenic views of the landscape that includes valleys and mountains. However, things will abruptly change once you have reached the Cikurutug Bridge because it looks scary and death threatening.

There was a major accident that occurred here in 2002 leading local authorities to improve safety measures. Standing at 200 feet over the valley floor, it is definitely one thing to cause your spine to shrink with fear.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, USA

It is 16 feet over Lake Pontchartrain with real fear emanating from the fact that the causeway takes long to end. Just imagine walking for miles under a very scary situation and still you manage. The bridge starts at Metairie and ends at Mandeville which is a 24 mile distance. It will be a journey you have never gone through in your life and extremely scary. What is scarier is that you will stop seeing the land at around the eight mile point so you will be getting into unchartered waters.

You must experience these bridges personally for you to understand how scary they feel. Don’t rely on stories told by people but seek first-hand experience through planning a visit to any of them or all if its possible.

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