10 of the Most Amazing Places in Norway

By on Jan 23, 2015

You will have a lot of things to do once in Norway as a tourist. It’s a country that is friendly and welcoming to visitors. The same hospitality is extended to the attractions as there are some amazing places to visit.

The following 10 most amazing places in Norway should be considered when you explore this European country.

Preachers Rock

This is a famed attraction for tourists in Norway and has a steep cliff rising up for 604 meters. Tourism has been on a boom for the past years as approximately 200,000 visitors go there annually. It is among the most visited places in the country as every visitor wants to have a share of the cake. The place has no safety fence erected for two main reasons; there are very minimal fatalities reported and the need to preserve its natural value.

Western Fjords

These are the most distinctive feature for Norway as very few countries have fjords. They are found across the whole country but the famed ones are in the western parts. They are narrower that others and have steep rocks surrounding them as well as tall mountains and dips. Geirangerfjord as well as Nærøyfjord have the most popular fjords and a visit there is a must when in Norway.


This is the second largest city in Norway in terms of size and it’s a leading port city since ancient times. A visit to this place will be valuable during your tour of the country. Apart from being a port city, Bergen is a key attraction for tourists who are always out to sample local seaside restaurants. There are also some very scenic fjords at this city that you can explore as well as the funicular which will help you understand this place much better.

Lofoten Islands

You do not need to ask whether this is an ideal place to visit but when should you pay the visit. This place brings together many islands that are located in the country’s northern region. There are fishing villages in the fjords and it’s regarded by many people as a highly scenic area in Norway to visit. The climate on these islands is mild and it’s attributed to the gulf steam circulating around. Temperatures reach 23 degrees during summer. Generally, climatic conditions keep on changing from time to time and due to varied factors.


There are many and long sandy beaches in this country that draw thousands of tourists every year. It is in the southwest parts and that makes Stavanger a suitable destination to spend your summer vacation. You will be able to explore the country more and even get time to sunbathe. There is a harbor located at this city where cruise ships make stopovers and you can use them to visit the fjords and many other attractions that include Stavanger Cathedral and art exhibitions.


This is the country’s capital city and the highest populated city. It’s a modernized city that reverberates with social life and a relaxed atmosphere. It is highly unlikely that you will skip visiting this place because it is commonly the entry point. The bars and restaurants here are always lively to enable you to socialize with the locals. There are also many museums where you will get to learn more about the country’s historical evolution considering that it is a culturally rich city.

Jotunheimen National Park

This is the premier national park of Norway and a good place to pay visit when in the country. It has a number of mountain ranges within its locality that include 29 of the tallest peaks in the country. The country’s biggest waterfall Vettisfossen that stands at 275 meters sits at this park and is one of the attractions to see. If you are a hiking enthusiast then this park will do you good since there are well marked trails for every climber as well as skiing.


You will have to visit this city when in the northern parts of Norway as it’s the largest and well-known for many wooden structures. The surroundings are beautiful and scenery attractive to make your visit memorable. The biggest section of this city sits at Tromsoya Island where you will get several museums and forests made of birch trees. You can climb up the Storsteinen Mountain to have breathtaking views of the city and you will have no better place than Tromso to have views of Northern Lights.

Gjesvær Fishing Village

This is in the northern part of Norway and a very common fishing village to visit. This classic village has three distinguishing cliff islands and houses a colony of approximately 350,000 birds. This is a haven for seafarers and it’s enjoyable to see them do their things with perfection at the Viking Era. This village is the northern-most part of Norway as recorded in history books and you will have no regrets for visiting it. You will get to learn a few fishing lessons in case you are not good at that.

Nidaros Cathedral

This is a landmark feature in central Norway that you can visit. In the ancient times, this cathedral was regarded globally as a suitable destination for pilgrimages. Many people would flock to the cathedral every year for pilgrimages and not even Italy where the Catholic Church sits could match it. The reforms that came afterwards had the interior sections of the cathedral stripped off its artistic value but it remains very significant to tourism in Norway. Across Europe, it’s among the biggest cathedrals that remain standing.

You will never complain once in Norway that there was nothing to satisfy you. All these attractions are for your consideration and are found in northern, central, southern and eastern parts. It will be upon you to choose the right ones for you.

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