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10 of the Best Gorges in the World
By Hayden Flynn on Jan 27, 2015 in Nature Travels

There are many awe-inspiring gorges around the world to offer you a lifetime experience. You should not be one of the many travelers who prefer spending their vacation in posh restaurants and luxurious cities. Take a different turn and explore these gorges where you will dis[...]

10 of the Best Hiking Routes in Europe
By Hayden Flynn on Jan 15, 2015 in Nature Travels

Europe is the right place to go if you are a hiking enthusiast. This continent has some of the top hiking routes in the world which you can sample. This article will discuss t[...]

Daintree National Park, Australia : Tourist Guide
By Hayden Flynn on Jan 08, 2015 in Nature Travels

Known for the biodiversity of its rainforest, Daintree National Park is one of the most visited parks in Australia. Located in Far North Queensland, the park was included in t[...]

Tourist Guide to Freycinet National Park, Tasmania
By Hayden Flynn on Dec 03, 2014 in Nature Travels

Freycinet National Park is the oldest national park in Tasmania. The park consists mostly of mountains of granite, surrounded by white sandy beaches. The park offers a wide va[...]

Visiting Pirin National Park in Bulgaria
By Hayden Flynn on Nov 05, 2014 in Nature Travels

Bulgaria is home to some of the most amazing mountain ranges in the world. One of these is part of the Pirin National Park, a UNESCO certified World Heritage Site, located at [...]

Top 5 Wildlife Destinations in the World
By Hayden Flynn on Mar 13, 2014 in Nature Travels

Wildlife tourism is very popular as people in general love wildlife. As we share the same planet, we have developed a harmonious relationship with animals and other dwellers o[...]

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