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10 Best Destinations for Solo Travelers
By Hayden Flynn on Mar 15, 2014 in Backpackers

Traveling alone could be fun, especially when you are single. There are many places in the world which can provide solo travelers with the best experience possible. Apart from exploring the tourist attractions in these locations, solo travelers can also meet new people and m[...]

How to Become a Nomad that Travels the World
By Hayden Flynn on Feb 18, 2014 in Backpackers

In the olden days, nomads are people who do not have a permanent home. They are usually shepherds that go from one place to the other while bringing everything they own (inclu[...]

Travelling as a Student: How to Globetrot with a Limited Budget
By Hayden Flynn on Feb 16, 2014 in Backpackers

Travel is such a fun way to learn more about the world, but often, students cannot afford to do so, unless their parents are footing the bill.

10 Things that Only Travellers Know and Understand
By Hayden Flynn on Feb 14, 2014 in Backpackers

Being a traveller teaches you a lot of things, and gives you extremely rewarding experiences, including some of the items on this list:

13 Tips on How to Backpack Like a Pro
By Hayden Flynn on Feb 06, 2014 in Backpackers

Backpacking is an extremely liberating way to travel—you get to visit a lot of places for a fraction of the price of luxurious traveling, and you get to travel light. However,[...]

21 Signs that You are a Backpacker
By Hayden Flynn on Feb 04, 2014 in Backpackers

Backpacking across the world is a great, wonderful experience. It teaches you a lot of things, and sometimes those things you have learned through backpacking manifest themsel[...]

Backpacker Tips: What Clothes Should I Take?
By Hayden Flynn on Dec 21, 2013 in Backpackers

Many people aspire to become backpackers and travel the world carrying a single bag. However, packing the things that you might need in a single bag can be a challenge, especi[...]

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