How to Become a Nomad that Travels the World

By on Feb 18, 2014
How to Become a Nomad that Travels the World

In the olden days, nomads are people who do not have a permanent home. They are usually shepherds that go from one place to the other while bringing everything they own (including their tents) on horse or camelback.

These days, becoming a nomad does not require such methods—if you love exploring the world but do not want to be tied down to a specific place, then you could be a digital nomad. You do not have to be dependent on one location for your home or work. Here are some ways on how to be a nomad in the digital age.

Get your finances in order

The first step in becoming a digital nomad is to become financially independent. Settle debts and other financial obligations, and start saving a good chunk of your income as a nest egg. Typically, you will need to have some amount saved for a year’s living costs—or less if you can work independent of location; for example, a freelance job or an online business. Debts and other financial obligations are one of the primary ties that will hold you down to a certain location, so it is important to settle them first before starting on your journey of becoming a digital nomad.

Sell or lease out your home

Your house is another tie that holds you down to your current location. If you can, sell the house and add that amount to the money you will be using to live overseas. If you cannot part with your house (say, it was your childhood home or you have inherited the place from your parents or grandparents), you can always have it rented and add the passive income from the rent to your living expenses. On the other hand, if you have signed a long-term lease with your landlord, you can also sub-let your place (with a bit of a mark-up, especially if you are leaving your furniture and appliances behind).

Do not forget, however, to inform the utility / service companies that you are moving out, so they can bill the new occupants for their services.

Give your month’s notice

Your day job is also one of the things that tie you down to a certain location. before filing your resignation or your 30-day notice, prepare for your departure two or three months ahead. This time period will also help you do more research on the destinations that you wish to visit, and get all your affairs in order.

Prepare for your first destination

Once you have settled all the things that need settling, book a one-way flight, as well as a couple of nights’ accommodation, to your first destination. Make sure that you have the necessary vaccinations, tax registration (for your new self-employed status), and travel documents in order.

A good traveling bag will definitely take you a long way—make sure to buy one that is not too bulky or heavy, but extremely sturdy for your months upon months of exploration. A good lightweight laptop—it does not have to be a Mac—will also be your best friend as a digital nomad. Sell or give away the possessions that will only encumber you, or put them in long-term storage.

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